Nan'ao People's Hospital
PUBLISHED:2018-08-06 17:45:00

Located along the beautiful Dapeng Bay of eastern Shenzhen, Nan'ao People's Hospital is a level-one class-A general hospital where medical treatment, emergency services, medical education, scientific research, risk prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation are integrated.
It has ten clinical departments including an emergency department, internal medicine department, surgery department, obstetrics and gynecology department, TCM department, rehabilitation department, stomatology department, pharmaceutical department, clinical lab, medical technologic department and anesthesiology department. 
Address: No.6, Renmin Road, Nao'ao Subdistrict(南澳街道人民路6号)
Tel: 84401957
Bus: Take bus 833 or E11 to Nan'ao Subdistrtict, and then walk 300 meters along Renmin Road to the destination.