Nine-year education schools
PUBLISHED:2018-08-17 16:30:00

Shenzhen Yadi School
Invested by BYD Company Limited, Shenzhen Yadi School is a private nine-year education boarding school. Entrusted by the company, Shenzhen Middle School gives support to Shenzhen Yadi School, which has now become an important platform for high-quality education.
Established in May 2003, Shenzhen Yadi School sits in the “Ecological Corridor” Kuichong in the east of the city. Sitting close to the mountain and the seaside, the school enjoys a beautiful environment with fresh air. The school occupies a floor area of 71,300 square meters and a construction area of 41,600 square meters, consisting of the administrative area, teaching area, living area, leisure area and sports area.
Add: No.2, Yan’an Road, Kuichong Town, Dapeng New District大鹏新区葵涌镇延安路2号
Tel: 0755-89888888, extension number: 66006
Bus: Take bus M220 or M279 to Kuichong Post Office, then walk for about 200 meters to the school.

Buxin School
Located in Buxin Community in Dapeng Subdistrict, Buxin School is a private nine-year education school covering a floor area of 11,600 square meters. Reasonably distributed, the campus consists of the teaching area, sports area and living area. The sports area covers 6,200 square meters with different sports facilities.
Add: No. 65, Buxin Road, Dapeng Subdistrict Office, Dapeng New District 深圳市大鹏新区大鹏办事处布新路65号
Tel: 0755-84311122
Bus: Take bus E11 to Bujin Village, then walk for around 300 meters to the school; or take bus 833 or Shenhui (Shenzhen-Huizhou) Line 3 to Buxin Community, then walk for 200 meters.

Xingyu School
Located in Kuichong in Dapeng, Xingyu School is a private nine-year education school. Covering an area of 18,500 square meters, the school has 28 classes, with 22 classes for primary school courses and six for junior high school courses.
Add: No. 00308, Gaoyuan Road, Gaoyuan Community, Kuichong Subdistrict Office, Dapeng New District 深圳市大鹏新区葵涌办事处高源社区高源路00308
Tel: 0755-84236316
Bus: Take bus M279 or M220 to Kuichong BYD Station, then walk for 200 meters to the school.