Homestay hostels
There are a lot of homestay hostels with various decoration styles sitting quietly on the coast of Jiaochangwei, Yangmeikeng and Guanhu Village, Dapeng New District.
PUBLISHED:2018-08-06 17:34:00


Jiaochangwei Village may not be as famous as Yangmeikeng or Xichong, but it is the only village with a coastline in Dapeng District, Shenzhen. 
There are many homesteads in the village built in various styles against fearsome seascapes. Most of the inns were rebuilt from old village houses and are managed by the village’s hotel management company. Most of the inns are built in European styles and furnished with ancient Chinese furniture. Different rooms are decorated with different themes.
On a leisurely afternoon, cafés along the beach are open to visitors who wish to sit to simply feel the breeze and enjoy sunbathing. There also are bars, karaoke rooms and leisure areas in the inns, to meet visitors' different needs. Visitors can have an exciting night at the bars or simply relax in the yard with a cup of tea.

You can also walk with a camera on lanes in Jiaochangwei to experience the easygoing local culture. There also are pedestrian-friendly streets in the village with stores, bars and restaurants. The average price at inns in the village is about 200 yuan (US$31) per night during the week and about 500 yuan(US$62) per night on weekends and holidays.
Visitors are advised to book a room two weeks in advance during the summer.
Most of the inns don’t offer toothbrushes or towels, so bring your own toiletries.
Add: Jiaochangwei, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen(深圳市大鹏新区较场尾)

Although Yangmeikeng is a popular getaway for many Shenzhen residents, there are not as many special inns as in Jiaochangwei Village. Most of the inns in Yangmeikeng have been opened by local villagers in their homes.

There are different themes offered at the inns. Family groups can hold an intimate party together and company colleagues can have a big barbecue in the courtyards.
Average prices in Yangmeikeng are about 200 yuan(US$31) per night during the week and about 500 yuan(US$62) per night on weekends and holidays.
Add: Yangmeikeng, Nan’ao Subdistrict, Dapeng New District (大鹏新区南澳镇杨梅坑)